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School Children of Rural India

Come With Us On a Wellness Mission to Incredible India!!!


September 15, 2011

Dear Friends:

            About four months from today, my wife Yogini and I will be leaving for a 3-week trip into the remote areas of Gujarat and Maharashtra on Wellness mission to deliver primary healthcare to the impoverished children of Adivasi Ashramshalas.

            I am extremely privileged and honored to be a part of this mission – and while it is difficult to get away from our day-to-day life in USA, this is one opportunity I would not pass up. In fact, I am writing to encourage and invite you to come with us.

Providing Primary Healthcare to Deserving School Children

            Yogini and I will be joining a group of volunteers – physicians and others, who will conduct Youth Wellness Camps at municipal boarding schools in villages – for children of migrant workers ranging in ages from 5 years and above. A typical Ashramshala accommodates about 120 children and most of them are located in remote tribal areas. Many of the children have never seen a doctor and have limited access to healthcare.

            These rural Ashramshalas are unlike any schools on earth. They number in hundreds in forgotten isolated locations, operating under austere conditions with limited teachers and other resources. Yet, despite their many hardships and abject poverty the school children remain the happiest, loving and enthusiastic children, we’ve ever met.

We’d Love to Share This Experience With You

            The Youth Wellness Camp is entirely volunteer-based. It was initiated as a joint –project of Share and Care Foundation (USA) and a local Education NGO – Sister Nivedita Trust, Rajkot, India - in 2007. Since then with the help of other NGOs the project has been expanded to cover parts of South Gujarat and Maharashtra.

            Many of the children in these remote schools are seeing not only a doctor for the first time, but they have never before seen an “American Visitor”. Under the circumstances, as you would expect, the healthcare and hygiene are neglected. Illnesses such as lice in the hair, worms in the stomach, scabs on the skin, poor vision and diminished hearing are routinely accepted as normal. And, does education suffer as a result? You bet! We have seen significant improvements in grades, absenteeism and dropout rates at schools that we visit.

            Why we keep going back on these wellness missions is not only because it is a life-changing experience for those of us who are going there: but because we are equally unprepared for the rich experience of spirit, love and goodwill that resides in the children who have so little materially speaking.

Join Us

            I am writing to ask you to join our Youth Wellness Camps for 1 week or all 3 weeks. Please use this link to go to the registration page on our website. While there please check out the additional details, too.

Medicines and Supplies Are Needed

            I understand the timings of our camps may not work for you, this year. Don’t worry. I am also asking you to help us by making a small donation so that we can purchase medical supplies, library books, sports equipment etc. In this small way, we carry your spirit with us to our health care mission – you will help these truly deserving children. Please go to our “Wish List” page and donate generously for these children who have so little. Remember that each project on the “Wish List” is selected after complete scrutiny during our visit. You are assured of effective use of your contribution.

            When we leave for India, we will carry not only your contribution but also your goodwill message: “We live in America, but our hearts are in India!”  Thank you for your continued support.


Yours Sincerely,

Yogini and Jayant Shroff