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Wish  List

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The following list includes some of the activities for which we collect funds. Be assured that your help will achieve the desired results, as we are personally visiting these schools and verifying the needs.
Your donation check should include a reference to the wish list item followed by letters YWC in the Memo section of your check, which is to be made payable to Yuva Pragati, Inc. e.g. “School Library-YWC” in the memo section. Please feel free to include a note with your check. Your tax-deductible contribution may be sent to: 
Yuva Pragati, Inc., 300 Winston Drive, #1621, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010
Tax Exempt #: 47-1316325

Bicycle for going to High School ($100 Buys a Bicycle)

There is only one high school for may be ten to twelve villages. Thus the students sometimes travel 10 KM each way to go to school. They have to cross several villages to go to school. Parents cannot afford transportation and girls are thus discouraged to go to school. We have solved this problem by giving a bicycle to both the boys and the girls. The parents are sometimes willing to pay back the money in three years. Your gift of $100 will buy one bicycle.

Medicine Cabinet ($100 for Medicines)

As a follow up to the camp, we furnish a Medicine Cabinet stocked with routine medicines to each school. Your gift of $100 will furnish a fully stocked medicine cabinet.


Training of two teachers at ARCH ($120 for Rural Health Worker)

At each schools two teachers are trained to do follow up check ups and administer routine medicines to sustain our Youth Wellness Camp program. This training takes place at a local NGO, ARCH of Dharampur. Your gift of $120 will pay for this training of two teachers.


Sports Equipment ($150 for Sports Equipment)

A gift of Sports Equipment is offered at each school where we hold a camp. The games are selected by local schools. Your donation $150 will give sports equipment for both girls and boys at a school. 


Eye Glasses for a school ($200 for Eye Glasses)

At each camp we examine the students for eyeglasses and provide them with inexpensive eyeglasses if necessary. This allows many children to see properly for the first time and hence improve their studying abilities. Your gift of $200 will pay for the eye examination and eyeglasses where needed for all the children of one school (approximately 10% of the population).

Library and Books ($500 for a School Library)

In conjunction with our Vanchan Shibir held during the Youth Wellness Camps, we offer a small library cupboard and a collection of appropriate books to a school. This program is highly valued by schools as it helps broaden the horizons of the children. Your gift of $500 will keep on giving knowledge to children for many years.


High School girls' Scholarship ($1,000 for 5-Year Scholarship)

Girls in residential schools (Ashramshalas) who complete 7th grade go on to the High School; however, the government support for their boarding school discontinues. As a result, many bright girls whose parents are financially challenged stop schooling after 7th grade. They go home and find manual labor or are married off. This scholarship allows a girl to continue high school education to fulfill her full potential. Your gift of $1000 will support a bright girl’s high school education for five years. You may choose to give $200 per year for five years.


Nutrition Program ($1,200 to Sponsor 1 School)

Most Ashramshalas lack proper nutrition for their young children. Following our Wellness Camp, we offer a regimen of nutritious foods as well as supplements. Additional cost for the program for the whole school is about $120 per month or $1200 per school year. We maintain this program for one school year. Subsequently, the schools manage the program from their own budget as it is a matter of diet changes.


Classroom/Dorm Repairs ($2,500 for Earthquake Damage Repair)

In many parts of rural Gujarat, the 2001 earthquake damages are still to be repaired. There are some schools which still have leaky roofs and cracked walls. Due to lack of funds, the children have to suffer especially in the rainy season. Your gift of $2,500 will help repair a leaky roof or a cracked wall.

College-bound Student Loan Scholarship ($5,000 for 5-Year Scholarship)

You may wish to sponsor bright rural students who complete high school but cannot continue further studies because of economic condition of the family. These students would have obtained admission in a vocational or professional college, they are high caliber students and they need financial aid to complete their studies.


Camp Sponsorship ($5,000 to Sponsor a Youth Wellness Camp)

You may wish to sponsor one of our three camps. The allocated budget for a camp is $5,000 which covers more than 2000 students during a period of 4 to 5 days.  Although all the volunteers from US pay their own way including local expenses, funds are needed for such organizational expenses as local transportation, medicines, supplies and other incidental expenses.

Toilets ($10,000 for 10 Modern Toilets)

Many schools lack adequate toilet facilities for the children. Since our camps emphasize the need for hygiene, it is imperative that we correct this situation wherever there is need. Your donation of $10,000 will build ten modern toilet facilities with showers.


Water Wells ($10,000 to Provide around the year Water)

Many Rural schools that do not have water storage facility run dry sometime in March every year, resulting in children not taking baths and in worst cases schools closing down prior to the end of the school year. An underground water tank and a rainwater harvesting scheme alleviates this problem. In most areas, this can be achieved with a cost of less than $10,000.


 Computer Lab ($15,000 for a Computer Lab)

Our efforts to help narrow the digital divide between rural and urban areas, leads us to help schools build well equipped Computer Labs. Our experience is that your donation of $15,000 will establish a classroom with approximately 10 computers, a printer, internet connection and wiring, plus a teacher training where needed.